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Time in Ukraine


After receiving payment we are holding pre-sale preparation vehicles and accessories.

Preparation includes: obtaining all necessary export documents, inspection of all units of vehicles, chemical cleaning the interior, washing and paint.

Load into a container for shipment overseas.


Shipping cost not INCLUDED in the price!

Delivery dates, shipping cost and place of delivery are discussed in each individual case.

You have to pay all import customs taxes in the USA whenthe car arrives in your entry port.

  • Bank transfer.
  • Payment of electronic payments, such as Western Union.
  • Cash (only in Ukraine)

Any customer can easily fly to Ukraine, to check the machine. We will do discount on airfares USA-UA (but only for serious clients).

Unfortunately, at this moment we do not have partners in the U.S. who could receive payments, but we are looking them. I am sure that soon you'll be able to buy any machine directly to the U.S.

All vehicles - Demilitarized.
Demilitarization - a complete withdrawal from the vehicles of all weapons and special communication facilities, removal from the register of vehicles from Ministry of Defence, obtaining authorization (civil documents) in Ukrainian road police.

All vehicles are have civilian status in Ukraine! They are can be used on public roads, according to the Laws of Ukraine (except for tracked vehicles, for which you need special trailers).

Sale/purchase of such demilitarized vehicles is not against the laws of Ukraine.

Ukrainian laws may differ from those laws of U.S. - remember it!